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Queen Muhammad


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by Queen Muhammad ft. Robert Curry

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Queen Muhammad

Born Morshica LaChap Bouldin on November 13, 1979, in Halifax County, South Boston, Virginia to Ernest & Priscilla Bouldin. At 2 years old, her mother and father moved to Philadelphia. The section of Chester. Shortly after they moved in with relatives in the Overbrook section of West Philadelphia.


Both her parents worked, and back in the 80's, it was much different than today. An elderly lady would watch Morshica and all the pre-school kids in the neighborhood. Her name was Miss Gang Gang. She was not related to us, but she was the most sweetest and loving woman. Morshica then went on to attended Cassidy Elementary School. Later Beeber Middle School, finishing with her Diploma in Music Scholars, in 1997, from Overbrook High School.

Morshica would attend a few years at College at West Chester University, but did not graduate. Over the years, her love for music never faded, and she would randomly write songs, even for other artists, with no way of getting it to them, it was just for fun and to enhance her song writing skills.

Her father Ernest Bouldin was literally the funniest person she ever witnessed. But those who laugh much often hold a lot of pain inside. He would listen to old records all the time. His favorite song was "I'm Just A Nobody" by the Williams Brothers. He would play it literally all the time along with other soulful gospel songs. That shaped Morshica to appreciate the unity and harmonic sounds of a song. Pouring your heart out on a record was so interesting to Morshica. On her along time, she would venture off to soulful Rhythm & Blues records and artists like The Dells, Teddy Pendergrass and Bobby Womack. That was literally her first form of studying music and she was only in elementary school. Her father passed in 2018. 

Morshica's mother was very focused. Very ambitious. Tired of dead-end jobs, in her mid 30's she enrolled in Community College of Philadelphia. Obtained her Associates Degree. Then went on to graduate from Temple University of Philadelphia. Then went on to obtain her Master's Degree from Cheyney University, one of the oldest Historically Black Universities in the country. Morshica's mother taught her to never give up, no matter how late in life you start. Anything is possible. When she passed in 2007, Priscilla Bouldin was the Principal of a Philadelphia Middle School. They shut down the entire school the day of her funeral. All the students were there along with literally the whole neighborhood. Even the sitting Superintendent of the entire Philadelphia Area School District spoke and gave our family a plaque from the City of Philadelphia for her service. 

Morshica used all of her teachings from her family and things learned through life lessons to even cultivate a dream to start Madd Pop Records. Like her mother, tired of living life in a hamster wheel to nowhere, decided to take control of her future. 

Originally with Kevin Blackson as our CFO. A well respected friend of hers from the neighborhood. Kevin did an excellent job, but was only at Madd Pop Records for about a year and a half. He went on to pursue his own dreams of working behind the camera. We truly miss his presence and wish him the absolute best. Shortly after Jermaine Colon, an Overbrook High School classmate of Morshica's, joined Madd Pop Records as their new and current CFO. We are extremely blessed that he decided to join us and you can learn more about him HERE.

Since this company started in 2017, Morshica adapted the name Queen Muhammad. Queen to represent her Grandma Queen Bouldin (mother of her father, Ernest Bouldin). The Muhammad part comes from her respect for the relationship she was in at the time. Muhammad was his last name. Even though they're not currently together, it was a name she quickly became known by and use to this day.

Through all the ups and downs, she pushed through with building Madd Pop Records, signing talented artist after artist after artist. Along with her team, assisted in developing their stage presence, getting them interviews and exposure, radio airplay and a respected platform to build their own brands upon. Queen Muhammad also personally wrote and produced songs for those artists as well. Crafting a sound lyrically and musically that ONLY Madd Pop Records has. 

Queen's love for God also brought her through the rough days and crying nights. Rightly called THE GODMOTHER OF FUTURISTIC SOUL. Queen Muhammad embodies her Virginia roots with her Philadelphia upbringing into every project to push it to the limits. To push every artist that comes through these doors to no less than greatness.


If you would like to work with or join Madd Pop Records click HERE 

-Last Updated November 13, 2021-


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