KING OF R&B Guy Group Contest Terms And Conditions 


You must be at least 18 years old at the time of applying. There is no age limit on this contest. Anyone 18 or over can apply and be eligible to be selected for this group.

The Application Processing Fee of $45 is for processing your application ONLY and is the ONLY fee that will be asked of Contestants.

The Application Processing Fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.


Applicants who enter this Contest with a "Referral Code" will also be entered to win a $250 Mastercard Gift Card. Using a Referral Code and the prize associated with using a Referral Code is separate from the singing contest and prizes. You do NOT need a Referral Code to enter this Contest, advance to the next round or win this Contest.

You must be a U.S. Citizen or legal U.S. Resident with the unrestricted right to work in the United States to apply for this Contest. 

You must not hold or be a current political candidate for any public office.

You must not have any contractual arrangement(s) or agreements with any outside entity that would prohibit you from fully participating in the Contest, fulfilling your duties if you win and/or entering into any recording contracts with Madd POP Records, LLC.

You must not be an immediate family member of anyone at Madd POP Records, LLC.


You must accurately complete all documents provided by Madd POP Records, LLC Executives. Falsifying information on any documents submitted will terminate you from the Contest at the sole discretion of the Executives at any time.

After you fill out the application for the Contest, you will be contacted within 24-48 hours to complete your application process which may include submitting a song, video, performance link material and/or you may be asked to audition right on the spot. Have your music selection(s) ready before you apply so if you are asked to sing on the spot, you’ll be prepared. WE DO NOT KEEP OR REUSE YOUR AUDITION MATERIAL UNLESS YOU ARE SELECTED TO GO TO ROUND 2 WHICH YOU WILL AUDITION IN FRONT OF A LIVE AUDIENCE AND JUDGES.


You have until 11:59pm EST on March 31, 2020 to apply for this Contest. No submissions will be admitted or accepted after that date and time. 

If you are selected to progress to ROUND 2 of this Contest, you will be required to provide or arrange for your own travel to a location selected by Madd POP Records, LLC Executives.

If Executives choose you to progress to ROUND 2 of the Contest, (which will be video taped in front of a LIVE AUDIENCE AND JUDGES) you and your guests will be required to sign release waivers concerning the possible taping and/or recording of their name, likeness, voice, conversations, etc, if they want to be backstage with you. Madd POP Records, LLC owns and reserves the right to edit and/or use any video or audio recordings from this Contest and contestants and guests for any use until perpetuity once waiver is signed. 

If Judges choose you to go to ROUND 3 and you are chosen for the Group, you will be required to sign a 5 year exclusivity recording contract, songwriting contract, talent management contract live stage/touring contract, merchandising/endorsement contract, and on-line content contract. You’ll also get a PR team to promote the group. If you can not fulfill your duties in the group, someone else from ROUND 3 will be selected to become a member of the group and you forfeit all rights to the winning prizes.


Privacy Policy - Any personal information provided on your application form such as address, telephone number or email address will NOT be shared with or sold to any third party entities. Only Contestants who make it to ROUND 2 and ROUND 3 audition materials will be kept for promotional purposes. All other Contestants audition materials and corresponding will be immediately deleted and/or discarded.

Non Disclosure Agreement  - ALL Contestants from all rounds are not allowed (before, during or after the Contest into perpetuity) to write or discuss about Madd POP Records, LLC Executives, other Contestants, Judges or the Production team in any public forum (Ex. books, social media, online, radio, interviews, television etc) for any reason without the written consent of Madd POP Record, LLC. Violators will be subject to legal action and fines.


Madd POP Record, LLC is not responsible or liable, criminally or financially, for any accidents, damages, mental stress, injury, death, destruction of property, theft/missing music or personal items under any circumstances during this Contest.

This Contest is not in any association of affiliation with any other music or talent competition.


Contestants who demonstrate unsportsmanlike or disruptive behavior, with intent to threaten, or bully other contestants, upon notice and awareness of Executives, will be immediately disqualified from the Contest at the Executive’s discretion at any time during the Contest.


By signing up for this Contest, you agree you are of sound mind and body, able to vocally and physically participate and fulfill all of the duties of your recording contract if you are selected to be a part of the group. 

Disclaimer: The opinions, views and beliefs expressed by any one person within or associated with this company belongs solely to that party, and not necessarily shared by Madd Pop Records LLC, our affiliates or sponsors. We encourage Freedom Of Speech, but we do not tolerate discrimination. To voice your concerns about any content you think is extremely inappropriate, contact us here. Thanks.


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